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  • Rick Steves

    Rick Steves

    PBS Travel show host, author,world travel expert.

    Perhaps you've noticed how regularly I've been posting to my Facebook page. Part of the reason is this year I've had the luxury of my own Portable Wi-Fi... MORE

  • Kent German

    Kent German

    CNET Senior Managing Editor

    I was able to upload photos to Facebook, use Twitter,watch YouTube videos, send and receive e-mails, and browse the Internet without any hiccups....MORE

  • Sherry Ott

    Sherry Ott

    Co Founder and Marketing Director Meet Plan Go!, Founder of Ottsworld Travel Website.

    Thanks to Telecom Square for keeping me connected while on the train! Secure & Convenient Mobile Internet. Use your i-phone....MORE

  • Charlie Grosso

    Charlie Grosso

    Co-founder of a contemporary art gallery in NYC, Photographer, First solo female finalist of Mongol Rally 2012

    I ventured far into nowhere, still had a decent internet connections. This tiny device from Telecom Square is a dream come true! ... MORE

  • Derek Baron

    Derek Baron

    WanderingEarl-US Top25 blogger

    Telecom Square is my provider of choice and wonderful by far. Quality Mobile WiFi, ridiculously easy set-up customer service...MORE

  • Kimberly Tate

    Kimberly Tate

    Family Travel Storyteller & Photographer

    Thank you to Telecom Square for providing devices for my trips, as always my opinions are my own based on my personal experience...MORE

  • cleverdever @cleverdever

    @telecomsquare sent me one of their mobile wifi hotspots to try while I was in Japan. It’s the first time I’ve used a device like this and I have to say, it was great. I also had plenty of data for my phone, laptop, and tablet everyday. So much, in fact, that I even shared with my friend 😜. If you’re looking for an alternative to expensive international plans on your phone, check TelecomSquare out. You just rent it for the days you need and then send back in the expense-paid envelope. That was super easy, too.

  • traveling_newlyweds @traveling_newlyweds

    During our trip to Bali we stayed connected using our @telecomsquare wifi devise (and it worked flawlessly!!), now we're back in the USA and we're still using it!! This is the perfect solution for spots where service is bad (or non-existent) and when you need to stay connected for really important things (like Instagram 😜😜). We truly love this thing, it's super small, lightweight and easy to use. It's a game changer, y'all!

  • colorandgrace @colorandgrace

    Remember this global wifi hotspot from @telecomsquare ? I have used it for my Paris trip. For my first #glamping trip in #canada I used it again! With this router, I didn't need to worry about if I posted too many Instagram stories and ran out off my data. I can tell you again that I won't travel internationally without one of these handy personal hotspot.

  • skylerwagoner @skylerwagoner

    After going on this trip I will always recommend getting a mobile hotspot for a long road trip. Just know when to use it and don't forget your main purpose for the trip. It's very convenient to have a mobile hotspot for your music and if you're a photographer like me, to get caught up on some photos and vlogs when you have some down time.
    Check out Telecom Square USA you will not be disappointed.

  • followmeaway @followmeaway

    Our trip to Peru was our first time traveling with a global wifi hotspot. After traveling to 23 countries without it and suffering with nonexistent cell phone connection and unreliable wifi, we used @telecomsquare for our first trip to South America. Our friends asked us if Machu Picchu suddenly had wifi and we said nope, it was our trusty hotspot that was allowing us to livestream one of the wonders of the world. We promise that you won't want to travel again without one of these things.

  • colorsandcoordinates @colorsandcoordinates

    During our trip to Italy we used @telecomsquare mobile hotspot, and having on-the-go access to internet while you’re abroad is life changing!! Now, we weren’t scrolling through Instagram and streaming Netflix non-stop, but it was amazing for finding places to eat, reading reviews of landmarks, getting directions, etc. Plus, it allowed me to talk to my mom whenever, whose always oh-so-worried about me. Having access to this device was perfect for spontaneous travelers such as ourselves who basically never plan anything. Sounds like something you’d want to try for your next trip? Trust me, it’s worth it!!