Take your own WiFi with you everywhere

When you think of ways to connect to the internet overseas, you probably think of those 4 well-known methods. Let's us explain to you why Telecom Square Wi-Ho! rental beats them one at a time in detail.
vs. International Data Roaming
free 2G & expensive 4Gvs. International Data Roaming
free 2G & expensive 4G

Major carriers offer free unlimited international data roaming, but it is only available at 2G speed. If you want higher speeds, you have to pay the price for it.
By looking at this chart you can easily understand the benefits of renting Telecom Square Wi-Ho!’s mobile WiFi.

10-day trip to France for a family of 4
(assuming everyone has a device)
Estimated data usage (4G) for 10 days - 1GB per person

Provider Cost per device Cost per family Plan name
AT&T $120 $480 AT&T Passport
Verizon $100 $400 TravelPass
Sprint $50 $200 Sprint Data Roaming
(4G-100MB/day limit)
T-Mobile $30 $120 On Demand Data Pass
Square Wi-Ho!
$69.90 $69.90 Single WiFi Plan
(connects 5-10 devices)**
*Above price is as of April2018.
**There is NO “Family Value Deal” for international data, as you have to pay international data usage for each line.

Some travelers may purchase a local SIM card at their destination, but this is only for limited data. You can recharge it, but an internet connection is necessary. Since SIM cards are limited, you will always worry about having enough data left during your travels.
Plus, you need to know whether your phone or tablet is fully compatible with the SIM card. You might think it's “just inserting the SIM card,” but it's not that simple.

Telecom Square Wi-Ho! provides a WiFi hotspot with unlimited data access. This means you don't have to worry about tracking data usage or additional fees.

Public WiFi exists worldwide, but you have to search for it (which can be a huge challenge if you do not speak the local language).
Some countries (like Japan) have very little coverage. Worst of all, not all of these networks are safe and secure. Finding a WiFi hotspot can be very stressful, as it wastes your precious time abroad and you have to stay in one spot in order to remain connected to the internet.
With Telecom Square Wi-Ho!’s Mobile WiFi Hotspot, you can stay connected all the time everywhere.

Most hotels offer free WiFi for their guests, but it is still common to pay $5 - $15 for a WiFi connection at hotels, especially abroad.
Plus it is not mobile, meaning you can only access the internet within the hotel.
If you are paying this much money, why not rent a mobile WiFi hotspot instead so you can stay connected everywhere you go?

Unlike many competitors, we offer 24-hour support. We can provide replacements for faulty equipment.
Our technical support is available in four different languages.
We have several offices in multiple countries to provide local support. We have some of the most advanced mobile hotspots available, so you will always get a quality product.